World of Warcraft Basics

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World of Warcraft

Starting a character or a play session

As in other MMORPGs , players control a character ( avatar ) within a world view of a third person (with the option of playing in first person ) to explore the environment, fighting various monsters and players, completing quests and interacting with characters non-player ( NPC ) or other players. In common with many other MMORPGs, World of Warcraft requires the player to pay a subscription, either by buying game cards for a preset amount of playing time, or using a credit card or debit card to pay a regular fee. 18
To enter the game, players must select a realm (or server ). Each realm acts as a single copy in the world.
To create a new character in harmony with the paintball gear argument of previous games in the series Warcraft , players must choose between two opposing factions, the Horde or the Alliance. The characters of opposing factions can not perform any type of trade (excluding trade by auction neutral), but members of the same faction can speak, send messages, form groups and share guilds. The player selects the race (species) of his character, for example: “Orcs”, “Tauren”, Denver Divorce Lawyer “Undead”, “Blood Elf” “trolls” or “Goblins” for the Horde, and “Human “Dwarf”, “Gnomes”, “Night Elf”, “Draenei” or “Worgen” for the Alliance. 19 Players must also select the class for the character, with several options available as wizards, warriors, priests, paladins , warlocks, druids, shamans, hunters, death knights and rogues. 20 Some classes are limited to a certain breeds in of warcraft
As the characters evolve, they gain skills and talents allowing the player to further define the character (pj). 21 Every character has an experience bar, which accumulates points as the player completes missions, explore the world or fight against other characters, under the experience bar reaches the limit the character gains a level in World of Warcraft Classic (the original) could reach a maximum level 60. In the expansion “The Burning Crusade” (abbreviated as BC or TBC) each character can move up a level to 70. If the player has the expansion “Wrath of the Lich King” (abbreviated as WotLK, LC or Lich King) its level may rise to 80, and, if you have the latest expansion Cataclysm, to a maximum of 85.
In addition, characters can form or join a guild (“guild” in English) enabling them to communicate in an easier way, sharing name, a bank holiday, and also gain more experience. 22
Much of World of Warcraft is to perform missions that are received from NPCs. 23 missions usually reward the player with experience points, items and / or play money. Also through the missions has much of the history of the game. 24 As increase levels and complete quests, new locations are explored and discovered new routes and means of transport. Players can access the “flight masters” in new locations discovered to fly to known previous locations. 25 also can be used boats, zeppelins or portals to move from one continent to another.
Although the game remains reasonably similar from day to day events are different real world that are reflected in the game as Halloween , 26 Christmas , Day of the Child , 27 Passover and the Feast of San Juan . The world climate is also variable, reflecting, among others, rain, snow and sand storms. 25
There are a number of services available to the characters while they are in towns or cities. In every major city there is a storage bank. Each character has access to your personal area on the bank with the option to purchase additional spaces using play money. 28 Additionally, there are banks of brotherhood to be used by members of the restrictions it has imposed the leader of the brotherhood . 29 auction houses also exist for the characters can buy and sell items in the way of eBay . 30 Players can also use mailboxes to collect items won at auction as well as send and receive messages, items and game money. The mailboxes are in almost any town or city. 21
World of Warcraft uses a system of “bonus out”, increasing the experience gained after battling enemies if the player has been a while without playing the game. 21 When a character dies, becomes a ghost in a cemetery near where has died. 31 Characters can be resurrected by others who have the skills or can resurrect themselves moving from the graveyard to the place where they died. When a character dies, the computer breaks down, still need to use gambling money to repair it. If unable to reach the body can use a special NPC called “Angel of Resurrection” to revive in the graveyard. When the “Angel of Resurrection” resurrects a character equipped items and degrade the character for ten minutes remains weak. This “resurrection sickness” does not occur and the degradation is minor objects near the body is raised or is resurrected by another player. 32 33
Game Systems
Realms can be PvP ( Player versus Player ) where open combat against players is more common so a player of a faction may be attacked at almost any time with one of the opposing faction or PvE ( Player vs. Environment ) that focuses more on defeating monsters and completing quests in the factional fighting. Moreover, each of these types can be RPG ( RPG ) where players have the option to interpret his character in depth. In theory, anything that says the player through any media channels of the game can be interpreted as expressed by its character.
When released the game in PvP or RP servers, PvP a player could only create characters belonging to one of the two factions (Horde or Alliance), but since August 2009 and was amended and you can create characters from both factions the same realm. 34 The realms are categorized by language, in-game support in the language available. 35 Currently in spite of this organization ‘geographical’ of the realms there are battlefields Multilingual where players from different servers compete with each . Players can move existing characters (that meet certain characteristics) between realms for a fee. 36
Player vs. Environment
Is the system of generalized game World of Warcraft . It is called by the acronym PvE PvE (English “Player versus Environment”) and applies it all about struggles of a character controlled by a person against the computer controlled characters, although there are areas where PvP is allowed. 27 Much of this system is based on the missions and doing dungeons with groups and complete them for boots and pieces of armor and weapons, plus higher level characters count as PvE. There are two types of dungeons, the dungeons of five players and bands that are ten, twenty or forty players.

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Doing missions is the main tool of the player to progress through the game. A mission is a task that a character controlled by the game gives the player, which when completed will provide an increase of experience and a reward, either financial or in objects or armor or both. Some missions also increase reputation with a particular faction and / or decrease with the other. To receive a mission, we must talk with the character that has that mission, which is distinguished by an icon of admiration on his head, and tell us what to do. Sometimes, we find objects that include mission icon on the object itself, which when used will give us the mission. The three type missions include collecting items in a given territory, killing a number of concrete creatures, or kill a particular character. Sometimes we ask objects bearing certain creatures that will be killed to retrieve the object. Other missions require simply go to a specific location to see something or talk to a specific character.
In accepting, the missions will be stored in the notebook of missions, where we can have up to 25 quests at once. Once the task, unless the text otherwise stated mission, we must return to the person who gave us the mission to deliver, which now contains a question mark over his head, and receive the reward. The missions given away to complete it, although we can leave them at any time by giving up the reward. Leave a mission requires return to the original character that gives it to restart.
There are three main types of missions: normal, which can only be received and completed once, daily, which can be received and completed once a day (counting from 3:00 am), with a restriction of up to 25 daily quests on the same day and workweek. The daily and weekly are distinguished icon admiration of the character who gives the mission is blue, while the color is normal amarillo.Las week in concept similar to the daily, but are completed in a dungeon banda or PvP area, may be a mission week. Regular missions can be likewise isolated, unrelated to any other, or belong to chains, which leads to a quest to make a new mission given by the same character or another, progressing in a story told by successive missions until a final mission where you get the great reward, receiving in previous missions small financial rewards.
Within these two types of missions, these can be classified into simple, “Elite”, “Dungeon”, “from Banda” and “Heroic”. Simple missions are those designed to be completed by a solo player, but always be completed in groups. Elite missions require defeating an enemy force than normal, and necessarily requires a group of 2 to 5 people (the text of the mission indicate how many players are needed in total). Dungeon quests and Banda require entry into one of these two types of instances. Require the heroic mode of the Heroic Difficulty dungeon that they be completed.
The missions are also classified according to difficulty from the level of the player accepts. Missions to a level well above the level of the player, usually for more than 5 levels above can not be accepted, and the symbol of admiration of the character who will be delivering in gray, or not be at all. The difficulty of the remaining missions will be in the book of missions, classified with the color in which names are the same. Will be in dark red very difficult missions, the difficult pink, yellow for level missions, the easy green, gray and missions too easy. Complete missions in red or pink give a lot of experience higher than normal, green will complete them less experience than normal, and the gray quests give little or no experience. When a mission is gray, the default will not see the symbol in the character of delivery (unless you explicitly configure it), although we accept it anyway.
When the player is at the maximum level that allows the expansion you have installed, 60 in the base game, 70 with Burning Crusade, 80 with Wrath of the Lich King and 85 Cataclysm, completed assignments will not experience, and instead give a financial reward. It is also possible to visit certain characters in the capital to block the increase in prepaid experience and can release the lock by the same amount. 37 38
Main article: World of Warcraft Dungeons
The Dungeons of five players, held in areas “instantiated” , areas where only are team members, other players can not enter server. There are dungeons from level 15. The difficulty grows the higher the required level. In addition, some dungeons give the possibility to enter in “Heroic” (only for characters with maximum expansion) which makes them more difficult but you get better loot. 39 40
The bands , also called Raids (English) based on the same principle as the dungeons of five players, only that they are a much more complex, so only do the players with maximum and the best team.
Currently there Cataclysm expansion strips 10 or 25 players, with normal and heroic modes, which were included in the expansion “Wrath of the Lich King”, 10 or 25 with normal and heroic modes, the Burning Crusade, 40, 25 or 10 in normal mode and WoW Classic 40 and 25 in normal mode. 41
Player versus Player
The Player versus Player system, also abbreviated as English PvP or PvP ( Player vs. Player ) is a very active World of Warcraft. There are two types of game, Battlegrounds (BG’s English known as Battle Ground) and Arenas. Also noteworthy is the OutDoor called PvP, which is fighting off Player vs. Player Battlegrounds or Arenas (For example, the siege to an enemy city).
Fields of Battle
This is the most basic, consists of a battle against Horde Alliance special conditions depending on the battlefield is. Each? New expansion brings new battlefield. 42 Several Battlegrounds:
Battlegrounds WoW Classic
Warsong Gulch . Is to car insurance comparison capture a maximum of three flags in a time of 25 minutes. For 10 vs 10 players
Arathi Basin . Collection consists of 1600 points by capturing one or more of the 5 key areas. For 15 vs. 15.
Alterac Valley . 600 is to reduce enemy reinforcements destroying key points or killing the enemy leader, face 40 vs 40 players.
Battlefields The Burning Crusade
The Eye of the Storm . In this CdB implemented in the Burning Crusade expansion is based on the mixture of 2 of the classic WoW CdB to create a totally new and innovative but not as successful as the aforementioned. Collection consists of 1600 points by maintaining key points (Taken from Arathi Basin) and capture the flag (Taken from Warsong Gulch), which gives points depending on how many zones to control the computer, face 15 vs 15 players.
Battlefields of Wrath of the Lich King
The Strand of the Ancients . The aim of this CdB is assaulting the camera of the relics, which is protected by the opposing team. The attackers have 10 minutes to do in the first round. The second change teams, and the available time is the time it takes the offensive team to capture the relic (or not).
The Isle of Conquest . This BG wanted to create a “Alterac Valley” for WotLK, however not as successful as this one in WoW Classic. Is the reduction of enemy reinforcements killing the leader or killing the enemy reinforcements. To attack the wing leaders is proved necessary to enter enemy fortress by siege engines. They face 40 vs 40 players.
The Conquest of Winter . CdB In this innovative and well accepted by players, was to storm the Fort
Battlefields of Cataclysm
The Battle for Gilneas . This asymmetrical battlefield that takes place in the city of Gilneas has many similarities with the “Arathi Basin” as it should be capturable control points to accumulate points and the first to reach 2,000 points will be victorious. They face 10 vs 10 players.
The Twin Peaks . A new asymmetric battlefield 10 vs 10 of the type “capture the flag.” Similar to “Warsong”, players must work to master the variable terrain, infiltrate the enemy base and steal the flag from the opposing side, returning to its strength while maintaining control of their own flag. The first faction to capture three enemy flags before time runs out wins the battle.
“Tol Barad” (Cataclysm), we see a mix between “Quel’danas Island” and “Wintergrasp”. That is, normally able to do daily quests in the area for gold and rewards but from time to time, the missions disappear and players will struggle to capture control points. If the attacking team can get control of all strengths before time runs out, will win, knock down towers can also increase the time. The faction conquer Tol Barad prison get better everyday and more gold to complete the missions in addition to better things.

By killing other faction players get Honor Points , you also get a bonus for damage or cure for winning or losing. With Honor Points can access special equipment for PvP. In patch 4.0.1 for World of Warcraft system was modified old honor points to a new one which combined the points of honor BGs and Arenas to lead to new points of honor. Also implemented the new Wpuntos of conquistaW, which may be used to obtain the best equipment PvP each season. 27
With the introduction of expansion “Wrath of the Lich King” was added a special combat zone, the Wintergrasp , a walkable area from the normal world that closes every two hours, at which time the fighting was done in this section is transformed into a battleground of three groups of forty people per faction. There are plenty of weekly missions Wintergrasp in order to get an extra honor points. With the advent of Cataclysm was implemented Tol Barad is a new type of “Wintergrasp” but improved to provide a better experience for the players. 43
The Arenas are small-scale battles and can be 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5. 44 There are several scenarios, only vary in form, but are played differently each scenario, the goal is to defeat the opposite.
There are different arenas:
“Dalaran Arena” Arena new expansion Wrath of the Lich King. It is a square-shaped arena, has stairs to go to the top and others to go to the bottom, at the top there are some boxes that serve as column, there is also a sewer that every so often and water falls used as a column.
“Value Circle”: Near “Dalaran Arena” are the newer arenas in the game, implemented in the expansion Wrath of the Lich King. This sand favors the characters casting. The sand consists of 4 columns, parallel pairs, are made of wood with a mechanism that makes up and down the columns, when two parallel rise, the other two down.
“Nagrand Arena” Arena circular with 4 columns.
“Blade’s Edge Arena”: This arena has a bridge, which is usually very start of the sand. At the ends of the bridge there are two partitions on the bridge where a character can go up (from below serve as columns). The bottom has 4 columns electric cigarette (including the walls).
“Lordaeron Ruins”: This sand has a grave in the middle which is used as a rectangular column, the ends of it out of stone peaks upwards which are also used as a column.
By winning score is increased and the personal computer and the loss is low at the end of each week depending on the score that has each team are awarded Arena points with which you can access special team of high-level PvP, much better than that obtained by Honor Points.
Every few months, ending a season of PvP (English season) are thus concluded the fighting arena and perform a count of the best to award prizes. With each change of season is added to get better equipment. 45 seasons usually end after implementing a new patch and precede a global championship.
On PvP servers and normal servers (provided you have the PvP enabled) can be fought in the conflict zones of the world and gain Honor Points, and there are special places where there are rewards.
The World

The map of Warcraft is very extensive, since it has two planets, Azeroth and Outland , and numerous lands, regions, cities and dungeons that can be explored.
Azeroth is the planet where they occur most adventures. It consists of three continents, Eastern Kingdoms , Kalimdor and Northrend , a continent submerged under the sea, Vashj’ir, and a kingdom underground, Deepholm, beneath the Maelstrom, the giant whirlpool that formed right in the center of Tues ten thousand years before the First War, when, to prevent the entry of Sargeras to Azeroth, the first Well of Eternity was destroyed, dividing the ancient Kalimdor, then a single vast continent, across three continents today. There are also several islands in the sea, near the Maelstrom, among which Kezan, the birthplace of the goblin faction belonging to the Horde, and the Lost Isles, where events occur that prompted the union to the host of this Goblin faction.
Eastern Kingdoms
The Eastern Kingdoms are, as the name suggests, on the east side of Azeroth. In most of this continent the weather is warm, full of wooded areas and green valleys. They are the capitals of the Alliance: Stormwind , Gnomeregan , Ironforge and Gilneas , and the Horde Silvermoon and Undercity (located beneath the ruins of the destroyed Lordaeron ). It is the homeland of Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves, Tauren, Undead and Blood Elves. The most important sites are: Darkstone mountain, the tower of Karazhan, Queldanas Island, the Dark Portal, the areas devastated by the Plague, the former stronghold of Zul’Aman control and the island of Tol Barad. In addition, at the southern end of the continent is the capital of the Steamwheedle Cartel, Booty Bay. Much of the recent history of this continent is focused on the destruction of the kingdom of Loarderon by the plague of the undead.
The ancient land of Kalimdor is part of the ancient empire of the Night Elf before its decline. It is located west of the planet and is the home of the Tauren and Night Elf. Orcs emigrated from the Eastern Kingdoms before the scourge of the undead destroyed the Kingdom of Lordaeron. The Dranei came when his spaceship crashed on the island to escape the cataclysm azure of Outland.
The climate is mostly arid in the south and has large dense forests in the north. There are five capital, Orgrimmar , Thunder Bluff , Puerto Bilgewater , Darnassus and Exodar being the first three of the Horde and the last two of the Alliance. In addition, the island of Theramore is a human settlement who fled the destruction of Lordaeron led by Jaina Proudmoore. Finally, there are three Steamwheedle Cartel settlements, Ratchet, north of Theramore, Gadgetzan in Tanaris, south of the continent, and Everlook, north of the continent.
It is the land where it began to build the New Horde. He witnessed the attack of the Burning Legion led by Archimonde which failed in the final battle of Mount Hyjal where was the World Tree. The most important sites are: Mount Hyjal, Silithus, Uldum and the Caverns of Time.
Main article: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
This area was brought to the third expansion called Wrath of the Lich King .
The continent of Northrend is located north of Azeroth, above Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms . The continent is shaped like a crescent and mostly known for its glaciers and snowy areas, especially in the north (regions as Storm Peaks and Icecrown Glarciar), although there were sites of a gentler climate and less cold, with plenty vegetation and life (such as Grizzly Hills, Firth Basin Anquilonal or Sholazzar).
This continent is inhabited by numerous beasts, races and peoples, not to mention the Scourge of the Undead (or simply the Plague) whose forces are concentrated in the Necropolis Naxxramas floating (or ruled by the lich lich Kel’Thuzad) and the Icecrown Citadel from where Arthas, the Lich King (or Lich King) governs and directs his forces and ravaged much of the continent. However, the pest has numerous partners, including the vrykul, a race of half-giant barbarian whose king, Ymiron; the rules from Utgarde Keep in Anquilonal Fjord.
Some native peoples of Northrend bear a certain kinship with other races of Azeroth may be the Taunka com, northern relatives of the Tauren, or Wolvar, the Gorlocs and Snobolds, which saved some familiarity with the Gnolls, Murlocs and Kobolds the respectively.
However, other races have never been seen in the rest of Azeroth, such as those already mentioned Vrykul, or Kalu’ak or Colmillar, a race of men, walrus, besides great beasts as mammoths, woolly rhinos and Proto (a kind of primeval dragon).
Some places are the highlight of Northrend sanctuary city of Dalaran, from which the wizards of the Kirin Tor fighting the Scourge and the dragons of the Blue Flight, the Wyrmrest Temple, where are the leaders of the five flights of dragons keepers of Azeroth, and the enigmatic and mysterious city of Ulduar, power center of the Titans in Northrend.
More than ten thousand years, when Kalimdor was a single continent, the empire of the night elves ruled by Lady Azshara, a powerful night elf who lived in the capital of the empire, Vashj’ir. Azshara practiced arcane magic increasingly seeking more power, and this drew from the Twisting Nether attention of Sargeras and the Burning Legion, which was first set in Azeroth in his crusade to destroy the worlds created by the Titans. Sargeras Azshara tempted with great power if he could step into Azeroth, and she was seduced and prepared the arrival of Sargeras through the Well of Eternity, the power of the night elves and what gave them the immortality and prosperity they enjoyed. This triggered the events that ended with the implosion of the Well of Eternity, which caused a cataclysm which separated the continents of Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend, and the creation of the Maelstrom in the center.
During the upheaval, Vashj’ir sank beneath the waters, and the night elves left in her, including Azshara, imbued with arcane power they used constantly, became the naga. Today, after the cataclysm of Deathwing, Vashj’ir has been located. It is under the sea near the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms, a few kilometers northwest of Stormwind and west of Dun Modr. And under the sea are still visible the remains of buildings, statues and shrines belonging to the ancient elven empire, now home of the nagas, who in addition to attacking the makeup of the surface, are also struggling against a kind of underwater Vrykul.
Players arrive for the first time Vashj’ir by boat on a mission, after which they can return indefinitely across a portal in Stormwind or Orgrimmar, or fly directly. With the help of shamans Circle of Earth, players can breathe underwater and move along the seabed jumping at high speed, and after a certain time can control a sea horse, mount the second World of aquatic Warcraft, with the sea turtle (Linch king) first.
When Deathwing betrayed the dragons look and was wounded, took refuge in Deepholm, an underground area beneath the Maelstrom, to heal their wounds. When healed and arose, causing the current upheaval, severely damaged the World Pillar, the structure stabilized magnetic forces on the planet, and whose destruction threatens to destroy completely and permanently throughout Azeroth. While shamanistic Thrall uses his powers to try to control the devastation from the surface, the Alliance and Horde must lower Deepholm crossing through the Maelstrom, gain the trust of Therazane, Mother Petrea, Deepholm lady who does not look good eyes the presence of beings of flesh in his dominions, and able to restore the Pillar of the World before it’s too late.
After completing the events of one of the first two zones of Cataclysm (Mount Hyjal in Kalimdor, or Vashj’ir), players are summoned by Thrall in person to his post near the Maelstrom. After crossing it in a frame provided by the Ring of Earth, come to Deepholm. From this moment, you can go from Stormwind or Orgrimmar Deepholm up and back through portals.
The ancient planet Draenor was the birthplace of the orcs, and the refuge of the draenei above. Here, saw the corruption of the orcs by Kil’jaeden, and from there launched attacks against the Old Horde Azeroth. After the defeat in World War II, the shaman Ner’zhul opened dimensional portals all looking for a way out to conquer new worlds. Overloading Draenor finished popping, and the largest fragment floating in the Twisting Nether is what today is known as Outland.
Access to Outland from Azeroth, crossing the Dark Portal located in the Eastern Kingdoms. In the center of Outland is the sanctuary of Shattrath City, former home of the draenei before their flight to Azeroth, and from which coordinated the attacks of the Alliance and the Horde against the betrayer Illidan in Black Temple and against Kael’thas Sunstrider, former leader of the High Elves, later renamed as blood elves, who betrayed his people to ally with the Burning Legion.
There are a total of twelve playable races 46 divided into two factions, the Alliance and Horde. In most areas are at war with one another.
The Alliance : consists of:
Human Stormwind . They are among the human kingdoms survivors of the Scourge of the Undead Scourge led by the Death Knight Arthas Menethil during the Third War. Being the southernmost kingdom of humans, the undead just arrived. Its capital Stormwind is now most important human stronghold located in Elwynn Forest, led by King Varian Wrynn. Humans are one of the most versatile breeds can be a warrior, paladin, warlock, priest, mage, rogue, death knight, and from World of Warcraft Cataclysm hunter. [ citation needed ]
Gnomes of Gnomeregan . They are a restless race and creators of countless inventions. They are in constant struggle with the Trogg to regain its former capital Gnomeregan. Their leader is Gelbin Mekkatorque and can be a warrior, rogue, mage, warlock, death knight, and from World of Warcraft Cataclysm priest. [ citation needed ]world of warcraft
Dwarves of Ironforge . The Dwarves of Ironforge live in the icy land of Dun Morogh mainly refugees in the capital. Recently abandoned mining road to focus on archeology and discover its origins. They are one of the three clans that were excised after the War of the Three Hammers, another of the clan’s enemy, and the third and final taps gives the Alliance. Their leader was Magni Bronzebeard, but after a ritual that went wrong and he became a pillar of diamond, the government of Ironforge has been taken by the Council of the Three Hammers, formed by Muradin Bronzebeard, Moira Thaurissan and Falstad Wildhammer. Can be a warrior, rogue, priest, hunter, paladin, death knight, and from World of Warcraft Cataclysm shaman, mage and warlock. [ citation needed ]
The night elves of Darnassus . They are a noble race led by Tyrande Whisperwind and from Cataclysm alongside Malfurion Stormrage, Illidan’s brother, based on communion with nature, are based on the trunk of the great tree Teldrassil, where there has been a major city (Darnassus). After best credit cards the destruction of the tree of life Nordrasil, the Night Elves lost their immortality and joined the Alliance to be more protected. Can be a warrior, druid, hunter, priest, rogue, death knight, and from World of Warcraft mage Cataclysm. [ citation needed ]
Draenei of Exodar . Introduced in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade , his ship Exodar plummeted and crashed into the islands west of Kalimdor mist. They have faith in the naaru, a race of powerful beings of light. They are bitter enemies of the Burning Crusade and come from the planet Draenor like the old orcs. Currently its capital is the Exodar, which are the remains of the crashed ship. Once formed part of the Eredar race which was corrupted by the Legion. Their leader is Velen. Can be a warrior, mage, priest, hunter, paladin, shaman and death knight.
Huargens of Gilneas . Introduced in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm . 47 or huargens The Worgen are werewolves Archmage Arugal Shadowfang Castle used as weapons against the Scourge. His curse spread among humans transforming into animals. The Kingdom of Gilneas, led by Genn Greymane, south of Silverpine forest was affected by this curse, curse with the help of the night elf druids have learned to control, regaining his humanity at will. Can be a warrior, hunter, rogue, priest, death knight, druid, mage and warlock.
The Alliance has six capital, Stormwind, Ironforge, Exodar, Gnomeregan, Darnassus Gilneas and Stormwind and Ironforge being the most populated. Históricamemente humans, after the arrival of the Scourge of the Undead led by the evil Lich King, fleeing the destruction of Lordaeron to Kalimdor led by Jaina Proudmoore. The Night Elves have lived for thousands of years in the forest of Ashenvale, located in Kalimdor. Gnomeregan was abandoned after an invasion supported by the traitor troggs Mekingeniero Thermaplugg, formerly chief counsel of Gelbin Mekkatorque, which covered the town of radiation and usurped power. Gilneas was invaded by the Renegades Sylvanas, and its inhabitants fled to Darnassus, while their king Genn Greymane moved to Stormwind. Gilneas Gnomeregan and were abandoned after being invaded, and its inhabitants found shelter in Ironforge and Darnassus respectively. After the Cataclysm, the gnomes are struggling to recapture the city of Gnomeregan, founding New City Handyman front of the entrance to his former kingdom while Worgen have resumed their capital Genn Greymane leading them again and struggle daily with the Forsaken to defend it.
The Horde : consists of:
The Orcs of Orgrimmar . They live mainly in its capital Orgrimmar located in the arid lands of Durotar. For a long time led by Thrall, now their leader is Garrosh Hellscream. Originally come from Draenor like Draenei, where they were deceived by Mannoroth and migrated to Azeroth through the Dark Portal to start a long war against the Humans. Shamanistic beliefs are strong. Later, and under the mandate of Warchief Thrall, went to Kalimdor, guided by the prophecy of Medivh and there were lodged. After the cataclysm, their leader Thrall left his post as leader of the Horde as a shaman to join the Ring of Earth, appointing a leader in his absence to Garrosh. Can be a warrior, rogue, warlock, shaman, hunter, death knight, and from World of Warcraft mage Cataclysm. [ citation needed ]
Undead Undercity . Are no longer part of the Scourge and live in what remains of the ancient human city of Lordaeron, where they founded their capital led by Sylvanas Windrunner Undercity. Were revealed when the Lich King lost control of them after the fall of Lordaeron and attack Illidan Stormrage at the Icecrown. Since then calling themselves The Renegades. Have a close collaboration with the Blood Elves by the proximity of their capitals and because its leader, the Dark Lady, before being transformed into a banshee by Arthas in the attack on the Sunwell, was the general forest Quel ‘Thalas, the ancient Near Home of the Blood Elves. Can be a wizard, warlock, priest, rogue, warrior, death knight, and from World of Warcraft Cataclysm hunter. [ citation needed ]
Darkspear Trolls and Troll Islands Eco Revantusk Revantusk of town . They are an ancient race of Azeroth. They fought for centuries against the Humans. They have a deep faith in voodoo. Currently only black Lanza Revantusk tribes are part of the Horde, as the other tribes live independently. Shared with the Orc city of Orgrimmar, but recently have regained their home in the islands of the Echo, after struggling with Zalazane. Retain a small town south of Durotar called Sen’Jin. They are led by Vol’jin. Can be a warrior, priest, mage, hunter, shaman, rogue, death knight, and from World of Warcraft Warlock Druid Cataclysm. [ citation needed ]
The tauren of Thunder Bluff . They are huge, bestial creatures who live in the grassy plains of central Kalimdor. They live to serve nature and maintain the balance between the wild creatures of the earth and the restless spirits of the elements. Despite their enormous size and brute strength, the Tauren have created a peaceful CrossFit Denver tribal society. However, when there is a conflict, are implacable enemies who will use all their strength to crush their opponents with their claws. Their leader was Cairne Bloodhoof, until he died in a duel against Garrosh was rigged in secret Magatha Sinister Totem. Since then, the leader of the tauren is Baine Bloodhoof. They were the first allies of Thrall and his orcs, at their arrival to Kalimdor and were rescued from their enemies, the Centaurs, by them. Can be a warrior, shaman, druid, hunter, death knight, and from World of Warcraft Paladin and Priest Cataclysm. [ citation needed ]
The Blood Elves of Silvermoon . Introduced in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade , are what remains of the High Elves in the wake of the Plague of Quel’Thalas and the consequent destruction of the Sunwell Not having a source of magic, began to have a thirst Mana (magical essence) . Those who succumb to his addiction to the manna, Woe just transforming into a kind of wild zombies. His magic power was restored at the end of The Burning Crusade , when former Prince Kael’thas betrays them and use the source to bring Azeroth to Kil’jaedan once defeated Velen it used the heart of an old warrior to purify Naaru . Her prince was Kael’thas Sunstrider, but as Kael’thas betrayed his people, their new leader is Lor’themar Theron. They can be paladin, mage, warlock, priest, rogue, hunter, death knight, and from World of Warcraft Cataclysm warrior. [ citation needed ]
The Goblins of Kezan . Introduced in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm . 47 In the past they were slaves of the trolls on the Isle of Kezan, who forced them to remove a rare metal called Trolls Kajamita that used in their rituals, prolonged contact with the Kajamita gave them great intelligence and managed to free the Troll domain. Because of the Cataclysm, the Cartel Bilgewater Kezan leaves. Because of the SI: 7 of the Covenant, shipwrecked on the Lost Isles, where they will be caught in fighting between the Alliance and Horde, siding with the Horde to survive. After working in the rescue of the old war chief Thrall, the goblins of Kezan definitely join the Horde, founding a goblin town, Puerto Bilgewater, in the realm of Azshara north of Orgrimmar. The remaining features traditional goblin remain in neutral. Can be a warrior, rogue, hunter, mage, priest, death knight, warlock and shaman.
The Horde has six capital, Orgrimmar, Undercity, Silvermoon, Thunder Bluff, Darkspear Strong and Puerto Bilgewater, Orgrimmar and Undercity being the most populated. When Lordaeron was destroyed by the death knight Arthas, the city was taken by the Scourge. When Sylvanas and the Forsaken undead were freed of the Lich King’s control, claimed the ruins of Lordaeron and in the catacombs under the city built the Undercity.
In addition to the playable races of the Alliance and the Horde, there is a group of goblin races known as the Steamwheedle Cartel, which remain at neutral in the conflict and that trade and are home to both the Alliance and the Horde. The capital of the Steamwheedle Cartel is Gadgetzan, south of Kalimdor. Other settlements include Ratchet, north of Theramore, Everlook, north of Kalimdor, and Booty Bay, on the southern tip of the Eastern Kingdoms. There is a boat ride between Ratchet and Booty Bay that is available to both factions, and which constitutes an alternative route of transportation between Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms.
Classes and Roles

In World of Warcraft player has access to ten different classes (according to the expansion Wrath of the Lich King) restricted by race selected. 48 In addition to the difference between each class, they can choose a talent tree between a total of three, increasing the difference between them. 49 50
Regardless of the class, there are three roles, the tanks , the healers and DPS (English damage per second, damage per second ). 51
The tanks have a mission to attract the enemies receive damage from these as they are able to take much damage and survive more than other classes. There are many characters with defensive attributes (block, dodge, parry), many hit points and armor to minimize the damage they receive. The game uses a system to measure the focus of attack by enemies called threat . The tanks are the biggest threat points typically get in combat and therefore receive all the damage, however, have a very limited offensive capability (that is where you need the damage DPS). The tank is usually the ultimate protection warrior, but with the expansions, have been improving the other classes, and the feral druid in bear form and the Paladin, and adding to the Death Knights to diversify this role.
The healers or healers (English heal, heal) are responsible for curing and keep alive all players in the group, especially the tank. His offensive power is often limited. The type of armor is usually different, because the priests wear cloth, leather Druids, Shamans and Paladins mesh plates. The primary statistics on the team are usually the Intellect and Spirit, as well as spellpower. The healer par excellence at the beginning of the game used to be the priest and, although the other classes with healing possibilities were not as bad as in the case of the tank have also been improved.
The Damage Per Second (DPS) is responsible for hitting the enemy and reduce his life to defeat him. Are the most diverse and there are many types, distance (Hunters) Melee (Warrior, Shaman improvement, Death Knight, Rogue, Paladin, Feral Druid), magical or pitchers (Mage, Warlock, Priest shadows Elemental Shaman, Druid balance). His hit points are usually half the tank, but the damage they inflict is superior with respect to other roles and practically it is they who end up with the leaders in the bands. For the same reason, are the kind of role that is needed in greater amounts in the bands. The primary attributes for dps usually force (Warrior, Paladin, Death Knight), agility (hunter, shaman improvement, rogue or druid feral cat) or intellect (mage, warlock, druid balance, priest, elemental shaman ), depending on the class.
The classes are as follows:
It is the best known class of the game, specializes in close combat. Depending on your talents can serve as tanks (Protection Talent) or DPS (Arms [more pvp] and fury [pve specialist]). Use plate armor at level 40 and all weapons except wands. Ira used the system to use their skills, it increases when the warrior is in combat, allowing you to use their powers, but quickly disappears out of this. They are the only kind of game that can use two-handed weapons in one (in branch Fury).
Its usefulness lies in its ability to heal or DPS, depending on the talent tree to take the player, but preferably is designed for healing. They wear cloth armor, so they are not good in close combat. They use the familiar system of mana to use its powers, this decreases as the use, but is periodically regenerated and unlike the IRA, only limited by the equipment of the character. It has two talent trees dedicated to healing, one is faster individually designed to heal and the other groups to heal but take longer to load skills. It also has a branch devoted to the dark magic called shadow.
It is a hybrid class in the game, can be defined as a combination of warrior and priest, but more focused on combat. It has powers to hand combat and some for the support and healing other players, besides having auras system that provides benefits in the fight to all who are close friends and himself. Although we are experts in survival, their talent trees make them very versatile, so far as to serve as Tank (Protection), Healing (Holy) or DPS (Retribution), and a large quantity of weapons. They use the mana system, combined with the sacred power, which is a type of energy that is charged to perform certain attacks, and used to trigger other more powerful attacks. The sacred power has three charges. Just a devastating effect when the three full loads and use consumes three charges, two charges if you damage is higher than normal load and regular damage. If not used, the loads are turning off one by one. The paladin’s damage is relatively high, like its healing, depending purely on the items you have equipped and the branch you are using, and can use spells and auras to increase their skills. They wear plate armor at level 40. In the Horde blood elves and tauren can benefit from this class, while the Alliance humans, dwarves and draenei can be gentlemen of light.
Ranged is the ultimate but most weak melee. System uses mana and although some of their instant attacks cause great damage, they prefer to silence their enemies. They specialize in crowd control and exhaust because of its multiple area effect spells and spells that are used to avoid fighting with multiple enemies at once. They are a real nuisance for the melee in PvP since they can teleport, and slow down the opponent, may also become almost completely fill your mana using Evocation, though no doubt this class is famous for the Polymorph, a skill that becomes oveja.Hacen great DPS burning their enemies (fire arm), less DPS but more survival and ice control branch (frost) or devastating attacks but expensive in mana (Rama Arcana). They also have the ability to open portals to the major cities of your faction to other players teleport to them, and teleport themselves. They are the only kind of game that can create their own food using mana.
Like the paladin is a hybrid class, but more focused on magic, uses mana, you can use chain mail armor and has the distinction of creating totems to help in the battle both to damage their enemies and to help their friends. Depending on your talent tree can be good ranged DPS (Elemental) or melee (Enhancement). You can also desempañarse as a healer (Restoration), with particular that can heal several friends at once with chains healings.
It’s kind of dark wizard, good ranged DPS, specializing in progressive damage DoT (Damage over Time) by curses of the branch of the shadows to their enemies (affliction) in instant damage of the fire branch (destruction) and management specialty demons (demonology). They use the mana and has the ability to summon evil spirits and demons to assist him in his struggle. Use the weakest armor (cloth) and are poor melee opponents, but thanks to the ability of Fear (Fear) can keep your enemy from a distance while causing damage DoT. Used to do to dungeons and convocations to create soul stones, fire (it was removed for version 4.0, Cataclysm) and health among others.
They are murderers, specialize in using a variety of weapons with both hands, although the iconic weapon of this kind is the dagger. It is a key class for both PVE and PVP for their ability to cripple his opponents (Sap, blind, gouge, kidney blow, blow, club and disarm), any of their three talent trees (Assassination, subtlety and combat) is compatible for both depends on the tastes of the player. Their role is based in emphasis on stealth, poisons and control. Use energy as a resource. It is the quintessential melee DPS.
Available only in Night Elf and Tauren (by the Alliance) and Taurens and Troll (by Horde). They have the quality to transform into various animal forms (feral) to fulfill various roles, either for tanking in bear form, do melee damage (Mengele) in cat form, ranged damage (caster-equilibrium) as moonkin mole or a Tree of Life to cure (Heler-healing). In addition to these forms, have three known animal forms of travel, a cheetah to travel by land (+40% speed), another sea lion (+50% swim speed) to travel underwater, and a eagle to fly (+150% + 310% speed depending on the skill level unlocked in Outland or Northrend only). They can play all three roles, tank, healer and DPS talents depending on the industry. Moreover, according to the animal form is chosen, you have the skills and how to control the rogue (Cat Form) or warrior (Bear Form / Dire Bear Form). They are the only class capable of developing all the roles of the game, Healer, Tank, DPS and DPS melee distance.
Available for Night Elves, Humans, Taurens, Orcs and Blood Elves, Dwarves, Drainei, Troll, Forsaken, Goblin and Worgen. Exclusively DPS pets and use them ayuden.Poseen 3 paths in the field of talent: marksmanship, beast (more damage with pets) or survival. You can use crossbows, bows, guns and normally used two-handed swords. Also the armor denver car accident lawyer is that this class uses the mesh. Generally, three types of pets:
1. The cats, which can do much damage, but do not have much stamina.
2. The spiders, which are versatile, ie, they hold as much as attack.
3. Finally there are the turtles, they endure a lot but do not do too much damage, they can serve a large tank in PvE.
Death Knight
He is known by its acronym in English DK (Death Knight) . It was incorporated in the expansion Wrath of the Lich King, Blizzard has been defined as the first hero class (starts at level 55). To create a Death Knight you need to have another character on the account level 55 or more and can only have 1 per realm in the same game account. The DK is a mixture of tactical melee range as well (but not separate) and much of their skills are of the “frost” and “profane”. It uses the rune system to use its powers. These runes (blood, frost, and unholy, two of each) have a recharge time after being used, limiting the frequency of use of skills. Several schools require the use of a total of three different runes and runes as well, have a kind of energy “ancillary” runic power. This alternative energy is generated as the spending goes dk runes and allows you to use specific skills, offsetting the cooldown of any of your runes. It has few skills to benefit a group, but has powers which enable it to restore large portions of health conditions ranging from the slightest up to the potential cure of 75% of the overall health of the death knight. They have the ability to father a ghoul from a corpse, or of an ally, which makes this fight as ally ghoul for a certain time, using every power that has the ghoul to attack (the Army of the Dead skill requires no nearby corpse). The Death Knight can play two roles: tank, melee DPS. In the role of tank compensates for not being able to carryworld of warcraft shields with long index stop. Obviously use plate armor. The DKs start in the Eastern Kingdoms, specifically in Acherus: The Ebon Hold, located on the east side of the Lands of the Eastern Plaguelands, hugging the shore. A curious fact is that the DKs must complete all the missions of its kind to go outside. This is because they were heroes who were corrupted by the will of the Lich King (or Lich King), in the same way that Arthas Menethil was seduced by Bins the Frostmourne (Frostmourne). Until we have completed the required missions, they can not meet face to face with any other player in the kingdom, unless it death knight (and has dk missions in progress). By the way, start with an outfit dks predefined death knight. While completing missions will earn part of their class final armor.
Professions 52

Any player can learn and develop professions, which are skills that allow you to collect and / or manufacture various objects that may be useful for development as a character that can help financially or for sale. There are two types of professions, primary and secondary professions. Each player can learn two primary professions than the catalog of existing professions, and can learn all secondary professions.
To learn a profession, we must go to an instructor the same in cities and some villages. All professions have different levels, each level can improve the ability to a maximum number of points, which are up practicing in the profession, either collecting or making something. The number of points will collect most difficult materials, and learning to make things more powerful. All professions can be learned from level 1, except for archeology secondary profession that requires the player is level 20.
Levels of profession
In World of Warcraft Classic, there were four levels for the primary professions and two high schools. From Burning Crusade, every profession is matched in the number of levels, adding an extra level of expansion.
Apprentice: First level is acquired by learning a profession. Allows skill up to 75 points.
Official: Second level, you can learn to reach 50 points apprentice. Allows up to 150 points.
Expert: Third level, you can learn to reach 125 points as an officer. Allows up to 225 points.
Artisan: Fourth level, you can learn to reach 200 points expert. Allows up to 300 points.
Teacher: Fifth level, requires Burning Crusade, you can learn to reach 275 points craftsman. Allows up to 375 points.
Grand Master Professional: Sixth level, requires Wrath of the Lich King, you can learn to reach 350 points master. Allows up to 450 points.
Illustrious Grand Master Professional: Seventh level, requires Cataclysm, you can learn to reach 425 points of grandmaster. Allows up to 525 points.
Primary Professions
Each player can learn two primary professions maximum. Occupations are classified collection and production, first serve to collect materials for the world, and the latter to make objects using these and other materials. Generally, the professions are designed for a specific occupation combined with another collection of production, although it is possible to learn two professions unrelated to production or two or two of collection to the discretion of the player.
Production Professions
Alchemy: Allows you to make potions, flasks and elixirs that temporarily improve the skills of the players, and to transmute materials. Combined with Herbalism.
Blacksmithing: Used to make weapons and armor of mail and plates. Combined with Mining.
Enchantment: Allows you to magically improve the properties of all types of armor and weapons. Includes the ability Disenchantment, which destroys other pieces of armor or weapons for materials. It does not combine with any one particular profession, so that is usually taught with tailoring, which provides material for disenchanting, but are also desencantables blacksmith and leather objects.
Engineering is used to fabricate devices, bombs, guns and other materials. Combined with Mining.
Tailoring: Allows you to make armor and cloth bags from cloth of different materials obtained from humanoid enemies in the game. It requires no particular profession.
Fur is used to make leather armor and reinforcements to improve pieces of armor of various types. Combined with skinning.
Jewelry: Included in Burning Crusade. Serves to cut gems which can then be inserted into slots of certain pieces of armor, improving the properties thereof. Also used to make rings and other trinkets. Combined with Mining. 53
Registration: Included in Wrath of the Lich King. Used to create scrolls and glyphs that provide improvements learned the skills of various kinds. To create them using ink made ​​from different herbs. Combined with Herbalism. 54
Career Collection
Mining: Allows you to dig ore veins found throughout the world, for ores, stones and jewelry for different professions. The ore is then fused in forgings for mineral rods, bars and sometimes mineral melt to obtain more powerful alloys. Combines Bankruptcy mainly with blacksmithing, engineering, and jewelry.
Herbalism: Allows you to collect plants throughout the world. Combined with alchemy and inscription.
Skinning: Allows you to remove leather animals and beasts that kill throughout the world. Combines mainly with fur, but their materials are used in most production occupations.
Secondary Professions
The player can learn all secondary professions list.
Cooking: As the name suggests, serves to cook the meat we get from the animals we kill and the fish caught with the fishing skill. Most recipes offer the cook character improvement “Well Fed” which grants different bonuses depending on the recipe, as increased auto insurance quotes stamina, intellect, spell power, etc..
Fishing: Your name is also self-explanatory. Serves for angling in rivers, lakes and seas, obtaining fish can be cooked. Some fish, used to obtain materials with the alchemy skill which can then be used in the same or enchantment. And sometimes the water can be extracted with various objects inside boxes.
First Aid: Used to make bandages from sheets of cloth obtained from humanoid enemies. The bands are quickly recover a certain amount of health the player receiving the dressing. Also used to make different types of antidotes to cure some types of poisoning.
Archaeology: Introduced in Cataclysm. Used to carry out excavations in different areas marked throughout the world, obtaining archaeological remains that when combined are objects that tell the history of ancient civilizations in the world. Some objects also are rare objects as weapons, armor, mounts or special pet. Unlike the others, archeology can only be learned at level 20. 55

Horseback riding is a special skill that all players can learn from one level to allow the player to summon a mount to move faster than the world. In World of Warcraft Classic, there were only two levels of riding. In Burning Crusade added two more, and fifth Cataclysm. Parenthetically riding points when this ability was measured by points before Cataclysm. Percent of the speed many refer to increased speed with respect to displacement in normal walking. 56
Apprentice Riding (75): The most basic level, can use the simpler ground mounts, which allow travel by land to 60% speed. It is available from level 20
Journeyman Riding (150): The second level allows the use of faster land mounts at 100% speed. Available at level 40.
Expert Riding (225): The third level gives access to the most basic flying mounts. In flight, 150% speed. On land, 60%. Available at level 60.
Artisan Riding (300): The fourth level gives access to all the flying mounts, but most have a speed of flight and ground 280% to 100%. Available at level 70.
Master rider (375): The fifth level, introduced in Cataclysm, increases the speed of the frames of the previous level to 310% in flight. Available at level 80.
In addition to levels, there are two flight licenses.
Flight license in cold weather: Lets fly in Northrend
Flight license in Azeroth: You can fly through the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, except the zones created in Burning Crusade for the start of the draenei and blood elves (including the Isle of Quel’Danas).
To mount not enough to learn this, you also have to buy a mount at the appropriate level of sellers of frames. The mounts are “learned” to use them, so that added to the collection of the player in his abilities. Each race has a unique ground mount, and can not purchase mounts from other races to reach the exalted reputation with them. Flying mounts do not have this exclusivity and each faction, Alliance or Horde has theirs for all races. In addition to these common frames in certain instanced dungeons or banda can get some unique frames. Before Cataclysm, each frame had a separate speed commensurate with the level from which it could rely. From Cataclysm, provided the player meets the requirement level and has “learned” the player will move with any mount of his repertoire to mount speed denver martial arts of warcraft
When designing World of Warcraft, the world was created always meant to be seen from earth, the only flying mounts flying machines were designed for predefined routes. Thus, areas not seen from the angles of land, not worked at all, leaving holes in flat terrain or buildings floating in the air, etc.. When introduced in Burning Crusade free flying mounts, the design of the classical world could be made only fly in Outland for a long time, and then in Northrend until the complete remodeling of the world in Cataclysm, working all areas to be seen from any point, let the flight in Azeroth.
Some specific classes or races have advantages with this ability. The Worgen learn it automatically at the required level without the cost of the instructor and not need to acquire mount, as they themselves put on all fours to travel at the speed of the level of riding. Paladins, with a particular mission, get a mount, warlocks also learn to rely on a frame with your class trainer and druids have their own way of becoming a bird flying.

Languages ​​are a system implemented by Blizzard to prevent players from opposing factions talk to each other, in order to prevent wars of disqualifications or insults between factions common chats. Each faction has a language understood by all races of the faction, and therefore the language used at each site. However, all races have their own languages ​​that serve to communicate only with members of their own race (except humans and orcs, whose languages ​​are the languages ​​common faction). The language used by the player is selected via its interface. If a player to communicate in a language which the speaker can not understand, the caller will not see the text introduced by the speaker but an incomprehensible sentence in the language that the player uses. In any case the speaker does not use the common language or orc, you will see in brackets the name of the language used (the Horde players will see this label with the common language, and the Alliance will be labeled with the language orc). 57
Human common language. This language is usable by all races of the Alliance.
Dwarves: Enánico
Night Elves: Darnassian
Gnomes: Gnomish
Draenei: Language draenei
Worgen: Gilneano
Orcs: Orc Language. This language is usable by all races of the Horde
Trolls: Zandali
Tauren: Taurahe
Undead: Viscerálico
Blood Elves: Thalassian
Goblins: Goblin Language
Other languages
In addition to these languages ​​in common use by players, many other employees not to be used by non-playable races, but with which the player will meet several times throughout the game. Other breeds used languages ​​that are used by some of the playable races. Among the lesser races include all simple creatures such as kobolds and others. Finally, the vast majority of NPCs using a language that is understandable by both the Alliance and the Horde.
Arakkoa: Ravenspeech
Demons or demonic Eredun
Dragons: Draconic
Elementary Kalimag
Unknown: Ignoto
Furbolgs: ursine furbolg or language
Gnolls: Language gnoll
High Elves: Thalassian
Makrura: Nerglish
Murlocks: Nerglish
Nagas: Nazja
Nerubian: Language nerubian
Quiraji: Language quiraji
Titans: Language titan
Tuskarr: Language Tuskarr
Vrykul: Language vrykul
Lesser races: Under common

World of Warcraft was first announced by Blizzard at the European Computer Trade Show in September 2001. 58 The development took about 4 or 5 years and included an extensive testing period. The 3D graphics engine components used games Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos . 58 The game was designed as an open environment where players could do whatever they wanted. 59
World of Warcraft runs natively on both computers Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows . The boxed set uses a hybrid CD to install the game. Players can play together regardless of the operating system. There is no official version for any other operating system but can be played on GNU / Linux or FreeBSD with Wine .
Developing post-release
The “Blizzard Launcher” is a program designed to serve as a starting point for players of World of Warcraft , serves to start the game to update it. It was first included in patch 1.8.3. Also includes news, accessing the technical assistance, access to the test realms (to test patches before release to the public), updates the warden (anti-cheat system implemented by Blizzard) and updates for their own pitcher. 60 The 3.0.8 patch redesigned the launcher and to change the game settings. A new redesign in version 4.0.1 included update “on the fly” allowing the download and installation of content updates while using the game.
When adding new content minimum requirements change, the patch 1.12.0 RAM requirements expanded to 512 MB ​​and officially stopped supporting Windows 98 . 61 In version 4.0.3, was removed and compatibility support for Mac with Processor PowerPC . 62
Reception and criticism

[ hide ] Reception
Aggregate analyzes
Author Score
Metacritic 93% 63
GameRankings 92% 64
Publication Score A 65
ActionTrip 9.1/10 66
Edge 9/10 67
Eurogamer 8/10 68
Game Informer 9.5/10 69
GamePro 70
Gamesmaster 93% 67
GameSpot 9.5/10 18
GameSpy 71
IGN 9.1/10 72
PC Gamer UK 94% 67
World of Warcraft was universally acclaimed by critics 63 after being released, preceded by a period of great expectations before publication. 66 Although the game follows a similar model to others in the genus 18 and uses concepts of RPGs , 65 new proposals to reduce the intervals between meetings were well received. 18 Such as the death in the MMORPG leading the player suffered a heavy penalty for dying while in World of Warcraft player recovered quickly and began to play. 18 The fight was another area where changes occurred, allowing the player to recover quickly from damage could quickly rush back into battle. 24 These changes gave the impression that would make the game more accessible to casual players that could play for short periods time and still get something, 24 while simultaneously maintaining the depth in the game so as to allow players to maintain the highest levels of interest in the game. 31 The concept of “rest bonus” or increasing the speed with which the player gains experience allowed players to reach a level of their friends. 18
The missions were an integral part of the game being the most often used to continue the story in the game or to guide the player through the game. 24 The large number of missions in each location was popular, as well as rewards for completing them . 18 While not actually eliminated the need to repeat a task or repeatedly killing a creature that was the perception of those actions was different. 31 missions that players did explore each section of the world, which adversely affected the social or role players. 24 missions involving objects getting the bodies of the creatures were not popular. 31 Some critics mentioned a lack of missions that would force players to group did feel at times that the game was designed to single player, 73 while others complained that the dungeons (to be played in group) were not easy for new players and costing too much time to finish them. 31 Just launch the game, some missions were software errors making them impossible to complete, 18 while the massive presence of new players in some areas was that there were no creatures to kill, 24 or that the players had to wait their turn to kill a particular creature to complete missions. 18
The characters were well implemented, each class was feasible and interesting, with unique characteristics, 48 and each race had a touch of distinction and respect. 18 The character development was also highlighted, and the system of talent and great diversity Option 65 and the system of professions. 18 The physical customization of the characters was the least destactado the game, 31 although it praised the level of detail of the models. 66
The appearance of the game was praised by critics. The most popular feature was that a player could go from one side to another of the continent without having to submit a loading screen. 66 environment was said it was “breathless”, making the players were not lost and that each area of the game had a unique look. 24 Critics described the environment as “a careful blend of cartoon , fantasy and reality. ” 65 The game worked well in almost any type of system, 18 although some described them as too basic 24 and mentioned that some effects emborraban image a bit. 31 The ability to fly on stage was described as “very atmospheric.” 48 The interface was described as simple and aid for the novice. 18
The sound was well received, particularly the background music. By assigning different music to different areas of the players felt greater immersion in the game 65 and made ​​more interesting to play again. 31 sounds and character voices, both players and non players and sound effects added personality to the game. 65
World of Warcraft won several critics awards after its release, including selections Publishers ( Editor’s Choice awards.) 18 31 also won several annual awards media, being described as the best role-playing game MMORPG. 74 Graphics and Sound also received mention in the annual awards, especially the cartoon style 75 and the overall sound. 76 The game received the award for best entertainment product for Mac OS X in Apple Design Awards in 2005. 77 finally, World of Warcraft was recognized at the awards Spike TV in 2005 as the Best PC Game, Best Multiplayer Game, Best RPG and addictive game. 78 In 2008, World of Warcraft was honored (along with Neverwinter Nights and EverQuest ) at the fifty-ninth edition of the Emmy awards for technology and engineering for its progress in games MMORPG . 79 Game Informer ranked World of Warcraft as the eleventh on their list of the top two hundred games of all time. 80 The expansion Wrath of the Lich King received the award for Best Game in the category of companies awarded by the competition Imagine in his edition of 2009. 81
World of Warcraft was the best selling PC game from 2005 to 2006. 82
Other media

World of Warcraft has inspired many artists to satirize or to recognize its influence on popular culture. One example is the Emmy award won by the episode of South Park ” Make Love, Not Warcraft . ” 83 84
The game has been used to advertise products related thereto, such as trucks Toyota . 85
Towards the end of 2007, was released a series of television commercials in which out celebrities like Mr. T , William Shatner , and Verne Troyer talking about the different kinds of characters in the game. 86 was launched in Spanish one with Guillermo Toledo , and in French one with Jean-Claude Van Damme . 87 two more were launched in 2008, one with Ozzy Osbourne and another with Steve Van Zandt . 88
World of Warcraft has inspired two board games World of Warcraft: The Board Game (including expansions Shadow of War and The Burning Crusade ) 89 and World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game , 90 91 produced by Fantasy Flight Games . There is also a card game , World of Warcraft Trading Card Game , 92 and a collectible miniatures game 93 both produced by Upper Deck Entertainment , starting on March 2010, changed to Cryptozoic Entertainment.
In November 2007, DC Comics published the first issue of the regular series of World of Warcraft under the imprint Wildstorm . 94
The former leader and guitarist of the Band of Melodic Death Metal In Flames Jesper Strömblad , is a regular video game player through your Notebook.
In May 2006, the company Legendary Pictures acquired the rights to adapt Warcraft for the big screen. 95 in August 2007 at BlizzCon it was revealed that the film would be from the point of view of the Alliance, with a story set a year earlier the start of World of Warcraft and a budget of one hundred million dollars. 96
In July 2009 it was announced that the film was directed by Sam Raimi , director of the franchise known Spider-Man . 97
In October 2009 it was announced that Robert Rodat , writer of Saving Private Ryan would be the screenwriter. 98
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My extravert personality is ruining my life?

Written on November 9, 2013 at 7:35 pm, by Stephen Mitorl

I feel greatly alone yet have great loss of interest in everything except human companionship. everyone in the house have their own thing to do and don’t mind me, so i’m suffering and in torture all the time with nothing to do except eating, sleeping, and bathing. if only sleep would last forever. i have no interest in initiating any independent projects, plus I can’t concentrate anyway. what state of mind should i have to make through this?

Well you could try playing an online game, there are lots of games that kill time and becomes addictive, like League Of Legends, a match may take an hour, or maybe World Of Warcraft, or Planetside 2, AvA.

What is the fastest way to get gold and level up in World of Warcraft? Dailies are not good enough?

Written on November 9, 2013 at 7:34 pm, by Stephen Mitorl

I am looking for the quickest way to make gold in world of warcraft, also learning how to level my characters fast so i can get all the max professions? What are the best ways to do that? Thank you, i am somewhat new to wow and am clueless. daily quests do not give very much gold and i would like to learn a better way to get gold and level up.

If you want to make gold in WoW as fast as possible, you should get this easy-to-use addon that will basically use the auction house for you to make gold. You can download it here:

For leveling, you just have to grind out leveled via quests or dungeons. The fastest way to level a character in WoW is to use HonorBuddy, which is a program that controls your character for you. You can download the honor buddy bot free here:

Hope this helps you!